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    I will always remember the first time I downloaded an online casino and the first time I saw an online slot machine. Admittedly, I didn't have much experience with gambling. I'd went to Atlantic City once, dabbled in slots and blackjack, and lost my money pretty quickly. It was my fault - I didn't have a blackjack strategy and I wasn't familiar with slots, either. But even a newbie like me knew, as soon as I saw the online slots, that I had discovered something exciting and fun. I never imagined the realistic graphics or the super sounds; all I know is that it was a far cry from the slots I had seen in New Jersey.

    Since that first time, I've become a big fan of playing slotmachine games ion the internet. I started off just testing the waters to find slot games I like. I played free slots - an online feature I was thrilled to discover - and tried out a whole bunch of games gratis. I doodled around, trying to figure out if many pay lines was my thing or if, in fact, I liked a simpler slot. In the end, once I found what I was looking for, I started playing real money online slots and, boy, did I have fun. I never feed in too much money, and I've discovered that for as little as a penny I can still have a heck of a good time.

    What I like about online slots games are the themes. They're usually so amusing and creative and you can tell that whoever produced the slot itself really invested time in naming the machine and in coming up with a winning concept. But online slot games are not just comic books - they're also a way to win big bucks. When the reels stop spinning, there's nothing more exciting than winning a free spin or a bonus game or finding 3 scatter symbols. There are so many features in online slots and so many ways to win money. Each spin is an adventure and you're all welcome aboard.